Watermill Hanshagen

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Even in the year 2019 we made a short trip to the Baltic Sea again and booked it again in our favorite hotel in Lubmin.

We were very lucky with the weather this year, it was very warm all summer. This gave us perfect holiday conditions on the Baltic Sea.

The watermill in Hanshagen

After a few days at the beach you have to look at something else. Very close to Lubmin or. you can find it between Greifswald and Wolgast Watermill Hanshagen.

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We only wanted to have lunch here, however, a tour of the watermill is also offered. But you should book that in advance, what we did.

The gastronomy is really excellent, The game dishes in particular are an absolute insider tip. We enjoyed it very much. It is also recommended to make a reservation in advance, especially if you want to have lunch there.

Wassermühle Hanshagen
The inn on the left and the hotel on the right.

You can also go there directly by the way, because the inn also has a hotel. The whole place makes a very well-kept impression and is highly recommended on our part.

Guided tour of the watermill

We actually thought that the watermill was used to grind grain. How we perform during the tour, The mill was not only used for grinding grain but later for paper production.

It was also interesting, that the mill incl. the building and the property belonged to the University of Greifswald.  1634 the then Duke Bogislaw XIV gave.  the former monastery of Eldena and also the place Hanshagen incl. the water mill of the University of Greifswald.

When the Hanshagen watermill was owned by the University of Greifswals, it was used to make paper from rags. Above all to cover your own paper requirements.

To 1840 the mill was then used to grind grain again, because paper from rags could no longer be produced economically. In the meantime, the paper was increasingly made from cellulose, that it was much cheaper to get from wood.

We found the mill tour very interesting and definitely recommend it. As already written at the beginning, it's best to register beforehand.


We found that the Hanshagen water mill is a great destination. Both the gastronomy and the mill to visit are very worthwhile. Everything makes a very neat impression.