The cake factory in Kemnitz

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Fortunately, despite the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, we were able to go to the Baltic Sea again for a short vacation this year. We would have missed something somewhere, if it hadn't worked. This year we went in mid-August and we had really perfect weather, Sunshine and the Baltic Sea had a temperature of 21 ° C. Of course we did that extensively on Strand enjoyed. The water temperature was really more than pleasant for the Baltic Sea.

But we are always looking for new destinations, that we don't know yet and where it's worth going to. When we get to our holiday destination, we always take the same route, of course. This time we're on the side of the road, when driving by, noticed a huge coffee cup. Whether it was already there in the years before, we can't say at all. Anyway, we noticed it this time. However, the text was not easy to read when driving past, so that we only accepted, that it is a kitchen manufacturer.

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In the hotel we did some research and found out, that it is a Kuchenmanufaktur acts. And the best, with an attached coffee. Of course we really wanted to try that out.

The cake factory in Kemnitz

We knew now, where the cake factory is located, but without the huge coffee cup we would never have thought of it, that a cafe could be in a commercial area.

The building doesn't look like anything from the outside and we were unsure at first, whether we are right at all. These concerns then quickly evaporated, after entering the building.

The sales room is very spacious and you will find a large selection of cakes and pies. Either to take away or to eat straight away in the cafe. We found the outside area and the winter garden particularly beautiful, in which we have then settled.


We found the cafe in the cake factory really great. And above all, we liked the cake and the coffee very much. But then we also ate an ice cream sundae and it was also very tasty.

We can recommend the cafe in the cake factory. However, it is not that easy to find.