Ruegen baths – Furious Roland

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The Ruegen baths is part of the public transport system on the island of Rügen. The route goes from Putbus via Binz, Sellin and Baabe according to Gohren. At around 100 Days, the "Raging Roland" also leaves the Lauterbach Mole.

In addition, it is also like a kind of museum on rails, since then 1895 is traveling on the island of Rügen. Steam-powered locomotives are a rarity, but the Rügener bathing railway is also a narrow-gauge railway. To see and experience something like this in action, is an absolute must for all railway fans.

Our trip with the "frenzied Roland"

The first time we drove with the "frenzied Roland", when we were on vacation in Sellin. Back then we drove from Sellin to Binz. The journey took approx. 25lasted little. For us, and probably also for many other vacationers, the transportation was less, than the experience of driving this historic small train, the reason to buy a ticket.

The entrance of the train is an experience, we can still remember it was when the trains of the Reichsbahn used to enter the station with a steam locomotive. It's a bit like that with the "Furious Roland". First you can hear it whistling and just before it comes in you can smell the charcoal fire in your nose.

The journey itself is rather tranquil due to the low speed of 30km / h and the interior of the wagons also conveys a bit of nostalgia through the wooden benches. But we stood outside almost all the time to have that rail feeling. Due to the low speed, this is not a problem.

Everything about the mad Roland
  • Kühne, Klaus-Jürgen (Author)
  • 128 Pages - 02/01/2011 (Publication Date) - transpress (Publisher)


We really liked the ride on the Ruegen Roland “Rasender Roland”. Somehow we felt like we had been brought back to the 70s. From our side, such a trip is definitely an experience, that we can recommend. This is a must for railway enthusiasts anyway.