Rügener Kreidefelsen

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A vacation to Rügen includes a trip to the Rügen chalk cliffs. When we were looking at the chalk cliffs, we parked in the parking lot at the Stubbenkammer. From there you can start on the hiking trail towards chalk cliffs.

The chalk cliffs

From our starting point you first reach the so-called Victoria- view. This vantage point is after the Crown Princess Victoria, the daughter-in-law of Prussian King Wilhelm I, named. She visited the chalk coast in June 1885. After the Victoria view, you reach the small Stubbenkammer and then the chalk cliffs.

There are stairs at various points, where you can go down to the beach. After the view from above, the view from the beach is just as impressive.


The hiking trail is rather not for people with walking difficulties, since it is not fixed and there are roots that grow over the path. You should also strictly follow the warnings, because it is more common that the chalk cliffs break off and fall onto the beach. Of course, this also applies if you are still on top and too close to the edge. In the year 2005 the former Wissower Klinken broke off.


Those who cannot or do not want to hike to the chalk cliffs, for them there is also the opportunity to experience the chalk coast on a ship. That is another point, that is still on our wish list. The Ships start from the various Rügen pier.


As I said at the beginning, a visit to the chalk cliffs is part of a Rügen vacation. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether on foot or by ship. In any case, it will be an unforgettable experience. If we do the boat tour we will report about it.