Rostock Warnemünde, with one of the most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea.

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Who wants to spend his vacation on the Baltic coast, should also always plan a detour to Rostock Warnemünde. We have also been to Warnemünde many times, we have not yet taken a vacation here, but strolling along the beach promenade is also an experience.

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Warnemünde lighthouse

If you walk along the promenade towards the harbor, characterizes the lighthouse next to the restaurant “Tea pot” the look. The lighthouse is also that at the same time Landmark of the Baltic Sea resort of Warnemünde.

The lighthouse itself was already there 1358 first mentioned in a document. However, there it was more or less a simple wooden construction with a fire basket, in which the function as a beacon for shipping was in the foreground.

Warnemünder Leuchtturm

In its current form, the lighthouse was completed in 1898. The light, generated by a kerosene burner and concave mirrors, was enough back then 18 Nautical miles.

Today the Warnemünde lighthouse is a tourist highlight and anyone who feels like it and feels fit, can climb it for a small fee and enjoy the great view. The lighthouse is operated by Friends of Lighthouse Warnemünde e.V. In addition to the possibility of climbing the lighthouse, there are also regular events around the lighthouse. Z.B. Singing Advent songs or lighting the tower on New Year's Day.

restaurant “Tea pot”

Next to the Warnmünder lighthouse, characterizes the restaurant “Tea pot” the Warnemünde riverside promenade. The building was designed by architect Erich Kaufmann back in the 1960s during the former GDR, Hans Fleischhauer and Carl-Heinz Pastor developed. A similar building is in Magdeburg, the multipurpose hall Hyparschale.


In the times of the former GDR that was “Tea pot” the gastronomic starting point for beach vacationers. But the building was also used for many events.

After the fall of the Wall and German reunification, the building stood despite privatization, empty for almost a decade. After extensive renovation- and modernization work became the “Tea pot” 2002 reopened. Today you can find in “Tea pot” various gastronomic offers such as a café and a restaurant, Shops and showrooms.

Rostock seaport

After the lighthouse you reach the Rostock seaport. The first thing you encounter is the excursion boats, with which you can e.g.. can do a harbor tour. We have already done that and can recommend it to others. For a large harbor tour you drive e.g.. also past the cruise ships, the in Rostock harbor have their own terminal. Otherwise the port has various freight terminals, e.g.. for general cargo, Bulk or chemical products.


There is a cinema at the lighthouse Baltic Sea Worlds 5D. In addition to current 3D films, special 3D films are also shown here, which have additional effects, like moving seats or fog. The effects are also partially added to some recent films.

We wanted to go to this cinema on one of our Baltic Sea holidays, but unfortunately it is like that in the off-season, that even performances are canceled if not enough tickets are sold. Therefore it is best to call them beforehand and reserve seats.


A visit to Warnemünde is definitely worth it. In summer, of course, because of the great wide Baltic Sea beach, for swimming or sunbathing. But even when there is no bathing weather, you can discover a lot in Warnemünde and spend a day well. And then there's the Hanseatic city of Rostock, so to speak, around the corner, where there is still a lot to look at.