Fischereihafen Freest

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We go to Freest fishing port at least once, when we go on vacation in Lubmin. When the weather is nice, you can also ride a bike.

As the name says, you can talk to the fishermen directly at the harbor and also buy fresh fish from board. So if you are on vacation in a holiday apartment and can cook the fish yourself, a trip to the fishing port in Freest is definitely worth it. It's hardly possible to get fish even fresher, unless you catch it yourself. The last time we were in Freest, the Baltic flounder was mainly offered for sale.

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The Freest fishing port

Eat fresh fish

Of course you can also eat the fresh fish directly at the harbor. There is a snack bar and a fish restaurant. We have always been to the snack bar Freister Fischhus. The fresh fish, that we always ate here, was prepared without much frills and tasted excellent.

What you should definitely pay attention to is, that the Freister Fischhus has seasonal variations opening hours hat. It’s like that, that fresh Baltic fish is not available every day. The last few times, where we were at the Freest fish port, there was always freshly caught fish from Thursday to Saturday. We mostly enjoyed the Baltic flounder, an absolute pleasure.


Who likes to eat fish, For him, a trip to the Freest fishing port is a worthwhile goal. We recommend between 11:30 – 12:30 to be there, otherwise it may be that the freshly caught fish is already gone.