Cape Arkona

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We visited Cape Arkona on New Years Day 2015, like so often in bad weather. According to the information material, that you get like that, Cape Arkona is said to be the northernmost spot on Rügen and the sunniest. We couldn't confirm that, but maybe we have the opportunity to come back in good weather.

The lighthouses

The lighthouses are the symbol of Cape Arkona and can be seen from afar. There are two lighthouses that are almost right next to each other. This is the square Schinkel tower and the lighthouse next to it is the Cape Arkona beacon. Then there is the slightly distant DF tower, that of the Navy as a radio- and DF tower was used. We have not visited this tower, because the weather was really bad and stormy.

Which we also noticed, the areas of the cliffs were largely closed. In winter the risk of breaking off the edge areas is particularly great. It was therefore hardly possible to look at the sea. Even the stairs, those leading down to the beach were all closed.

Cape Arkona wedding

There is a possibility on Cape Arkona wedding to celebrate. When the weather is nice we can well imagine, that it is something special to celebrate in this place. We could also see that on the many wedding plates, that were embedded in the ground.


We weren't really happy with this trip, but that was mainly due to the weather. We will try to visit Cape Arkona again in a different season.


Cape Arkona cannot be reached directly by car, you have to approx. 2 km leave the car beforehand. Those who are good at walking can 2 km run on the road. But there is also the Kap Arkona Bahn, that stops right at the parking lot and goes to Cape Arkona.

We're the 2 km and ran back with the Kap Arkona Bahn. With the weather we had, we were glad not to have to run back.

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