The Müritz Bear Forest, an impressive experience.

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After our 2020 short vacation on the Baltic Sea, we wanted to see something nice on the way back. We had already decided in advance to visit the Müritz Bear Forest. Friends and colleagues highly recommended a visit to the bear forest.

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The Müritz Bear Forest

The drive from Lubmin to the Müritz Bear Forest in Stuer took a good two hours. We were lucky with the traffic on the autobahn and made good progress without major delays despite a few construction sites. Against 12:00 Then we are at the bear park, in beautiful weather, arrived.

Bärenwald Müritz

The complex itself made a very well-kept impression from the outside. After the trip, the toilets were our first trip and they were also very clean and looked like new. Usually we don't say a word about it, but here it contributes to the overall positive impression of the facility. The admission price is currently. for an adult at € 11.00, what we still consider appropriate. There is also discounted tickets z.B. for families, Children and seniors.

A well signposted circular route leads through the bear forest, which we in approx. 2h have made it without rushing us. Who would like to know more about the bears, can also book a guided tour in advance. The bear forest offers a number of other activities, especially for children, such as. the Waldolympiade an. There is also a large children's playground in the complex where the little ones can get rid of their excess energy

The Bears

And, there are really bears in the Müritz Bear Forest. We actually had no great expectations to really see bears, as we were disappointed at other parks and none of the animals showed up. At the Müritz Bear Park, however, it was completely different. We got to see a lot of different bears. Unlike in a zoo, the bears have a lot of space here to be able to live like a bear.

The bears are also not afraid of the visitors at all, they make a very relaxed impression and don't let themselves be disturbed. What particularly impressed us, is that you can get relatively close to the animals. There is only one type of electrical barrier and chain link fence. A bear was right on the fence and we were very close to it. The size of the animal was really impressive. We were maybe ten feet away from him and it didn't let the bear bother us at all or it was kind of aggressive.

During the tour we also learned, which is one of the main concerns of the Müritz Bear Forest, Literally rescuing bears from bad postures. That could be bears from zoos, who often have to live in much too narrow cages or small enclosures. Even former circus bears were given a new life in the bear forest. The Müritz Bear Forest is part of the FOUR PAWS project – Animal Welfare Foundation. The Foundation FOUR PAWS is a global animal welfare organization for animals under direct human influence, recognizes the grievances, Saving animals in need and protecting them.


The Bear Park Müritz is definitely one worthwhile goal. You can watch bears in their natural environment here. Due to the large amount of space, the bears behave naturally. In one enclosure, we could even see a cave, that was dug into a slope by a bear.

You can see, that the bears are doing well and are comfortable. As a result, they are also very relaxed and cannot be disturbed by visitors. The concept of the Müritz Bear Forest is absolutely worth supporting and we can really recommend a visit.


One more tip at the end. After our tour we treated ourselves to a small snack. The kiosk at the entrance prepares its own meals, and what we ate, also tasted very good to us. That's why we are happy to recommend it to others.