Watermill Hanshagen

Even in the year 2019 we made a short trip to the Baltic Sea again and booked it again in our favorite hotel in Lubmin. We were very lucky with the weather this year, it was very warm all summer. At the

Ruegen baths – Furious Roland

First of all, the Rügen Pool Railway is part of the public transport system on the island of Rügen. The route goes from Putbus via Binz, Sellin and Baabe according to Gohren. At around 100 Days the "Rasende Roland" also drives

Fischereihafen Freest

We go to Freest fishing port at least once, when we go on vacation in Lubmin. When the weather is nice, you can also ride a bike. As the name says, you can talk to the fishermen directly at the harbor

Rügener Kreidefelsen

A vacation to Rügen includes a trip to the Rügen chalk cliffs. When we were looking at the chalk cliffs, we parked in the parking lot at the Stubbenkammer. From there you can take the hiking trail towards

Ivenacker oaks

We got the Ivenacker oaks on the way to our Baltic vacation in April 2011 watched. We had chosen this destination on the Internet, because it was on our itinerary. The Ivenacker oaks The

Tropenzoo Bansin

We have the Tropenzoo Bansin in August 2016 visited. The weather was not so great that day to go to the beach. At that time we started from Lubmin, where we spent our summer vacation that year. From

Schloss Mellenthin

We went to Mellenthin Castle on the recommendation of a colleague. She goes on vacation there almost every year. She always raved about how beautiful it was there. Although she probably meant the hotel. We could

Cape Arkona

We visited Cape Arkona on New Year's Day 2015, like so often in bad weather. According to the information material, that you get like that, Cape Arkona is said to be the northernmost spot on Rügen and the sunniest. We couldn't confirm that, but